Sunday, March 4, 2012

The 10-Year Fashion Cycle

I think I am carbon dating myself when I say this, but Sabrina had the cutest outfits!  So girly and put-together!  
                                                      [Cardigan circa. 1998]
Cardigans were super trendy when I was in junior high.  They were dead for awhile, but then came back in the form of the tunic or “grandpa” style cardigan a year or two ago.

Fashion tends to move in 10-15-year cycles when everything which is old becomes new again.  Cargo pants: all the rage in 1997, were grossly unpopular for over a decade, then re-emerged in 2011. 
[Cargo pants circa. 1997]

                                                                          [Cargo pants circa 2011]

I just LOVED the crazy Spice Girl platforms from the late 90’s.  In fact, I think it was Baby Spice who started this trend in the first place.  
[Wow, everything about this pic is a hot mess.  But the 5-inch minimum on the heels? Hot!  circa. 1997]

I should have saved all those shoes I had from that time, because they came back in this way less attractive form recently: 
                                                          [Flatforms. circa. 2012. [*shudder*]

Moral of the story is:  If you really love something but it’s out of date for the time being, just stash in the closet for awhile.  

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  1. Where did you find the last picture of the flatforms? I want those...